Wisdom Teeth

What are “impacted wisdom teeth”?

Why do impacted wisdom teeth need to be extracted?
At what age should wisdom teeth be extracted?
What are Dry Sockets?

Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt from the age of eighteen years onwards. Wisdom teeth may need to be removed due to lack of space or unfavorable position in the mouth as well as pathology and orthodontic reasons. If wisdom teeth aren’t painful and are in a reasonable position, then there is no need for them to be extracted.
Badly positioned wisdom teeth can cause tooth decay, gum disease and bone loss. In some cases wisdom teeth need to be removed to avoid causing the adjacent teeth to collapse.
If wisdom teeth are covered by soft tissue or there is lack of space around them, this could result in food impaction and lead to periocornitis.  In these cases, the wisdom tooth and surrounding gums needs to be removed to keep the area clean.
If the wisdom tooth erupts but a portion of it is still under the bone, then it will be difficult to keep the area clean and it will need to be extracted to avoid infection.
If the wisdom tooth is fully in the bone, has not erupted and is causing no pain, then it can be left as it is. Regular X-rays will be required to make sure that no pathology is occurring and the patient can request that it be removed by a dentist it if they wish under general anesthetic.

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