Chair Teeth Whitening

Simple, effective and inexpensive

One-hour Philips Zoom advanced whitening procedure.

Teeth Whitening or Tooth Bleaching is a simple, non-invasive, painless and effective way of brightening your natural teeth and one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures. Teeth discoloration or staining can be caused by various factors including smoking, medication or fluorosis (due to too much fluoride during the tooth formation).

While there are over the counter teeth whitening products now available, we recommend a dentist-supervised teeth whitening treatment method for whitening discolored teeth. Teeth can be whitened during a one hour session in the dentist chair or by using a take home tooth whitening kit following a 30 minute dentist appointment which is much more cost effective.

During the first appointment, the teeth whitening procedures involves:

1. A thorough examination

2. Determination of the initial shade of whitening from a shade guide.

3. Restoration of gum recession and fluoride treatment if necessary.

4. Upper and lower teeth impressions taken.

During the second appointment, the teeth whitening procedures involves:

Selection of teeth whitening method which can either be done at the clinic or at home.

In Chair Teeth Whitening involves:

1. Isolating teeth being whitened using cotton rolls, gauze and retractors.

2. Application of a special bleach which is left on for 15 minutes and washed off and repeated up to 3 to 4 times.

3. Application of a special desensitizing gel to help with any sensitivity.

4. Fitting of clear custom bleach trays fabricated from moulds taken of teeth.

5. Gel placed in trays and worn for 30 minutes or until the desired effect is achieved.

6. GC tooth mousse can be placed in the trays and worn to help with any sensitivity.

Follow up dentist appointment is made to check on the results and carry out an examination.

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