Cosmetic Analysis

Cosmetic analysis is required before any cosmetic dental work can be carried out

A cosmetic assessment with a dentist includes:

  1. Evaluation of your health, teeth, gums and surrounding tissues and structures.
  2. Documenting your teeth and face with photographs
    Impressions taken of your mouth to produce plaster models as part of a treatment.
  3. Assessment of bone and tooth structure and the presence of any pathology.
  4. A mockup of the desired outcome following detailed discussions.
  5. A meeting with the dental technician and aesthetic dentist to ensure results are achieved.
  6. Finally development of a treatment plan to outline the overall treatment required, number of appointments and costs involved.

We offer a variety of Family and Aesthetic dentistry procedures that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each of our patients at Sweet Smile Dental Clinic.

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