Dental X-Rays

How Do Dental X-rays work

Dental X-Rays go hand in hand with dental checkups as it provides the dentist with information that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

They are used to detect hidden problems and provide patients with a complete and accurate treatment plan.

Our dentist recommends that X-Rays of bite wings are taken every two years to check for holes in between the teeth and under fillings.

Patients will usually be given an OPG referral for an X-Ray of the entire mouth during their dental checkup to enable the dentist to                    check the following:

1. Teeth.
2. Fillings.
3. Bone levels surrounding the teeth.
4. The temporomandibular joint.
5. Sinuses.
6. Abnormal lesions such as cysts, abscesses, tumors.

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