Endodontic Treatments

What does root canal treatment mean?

Root canal or endodontic treatment is a process whereby inflamed or dead pulp is removed from the inside of the tooth. After removing the pulp, the root canals are cleaned, sterilized and shaped to a form that can be completely sealed with a filling material to prevent further infection. The treatment can take several appointments. Subsequently a crown to restore or protect the tooth may be a necessary recommendation, as a tooth after undergoing treatment may be more likely to fracture.

Is The Root Canal Therapy Painful?

Many endodontic procedures are performed to relieve the pain of toothaches caused by pulp inflammation or infection.

With modern techniques and anesthetics, most patients report that they are comfortable during the procedure.

For the first few days after treatment, your tooth may feel sensitive, especially if there was pain or infection before the procedure. 

What happens if the pulp is injured?

If Can't repair,it will die.

A cracked tooth or deep cavity can allow bacteria to enter the pulp and cause pulp death.

If the infection is not treated, an abscess can form in the root tip. 

This can eventually cause damage to the bone around the teeth.

What does treatment involve?

Step Involved in Root Canal Treatment:

  1. An opening is made through the crown of the tooth into the chamber where the pulp is found.

  2. The pulp is removed, and the root canal/s are cleaned 

  3. Medications to prevent infection may be placed in the pulp chamber.

  4. Wet may leave the tooth open in order for it to drain, often a temporary filling is placed in the crown of the tooth to protect it until your next visit. Antibiotics may be prescribed to help prevent infection.

  5. The temporary filling will be removed, and after cleaning, the pulp chamber and root canal/s will be filled.

  6. Finally, may place a crown over your tooth.

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