Fluoride Treatments

How does Fluride Dental Works?

Fluoride dental treatment is the most effective agent to assist with tooth decay and is, therefore, a central part of maintaining or improving oral health.

Dental fluoride can be found in tooth paste and drinking water but its concentration levels may not be high enough to prevent tooth decay in susceptible people.

Therefore, our dentist may recommend a dental fluoride treatment for people having:

1. Active dental caries.
2. Exposed and sensitive root surfaces.
3. White spot lesions.
4. Deep pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces of teeth.
5. Dry mouth or Xerostomia due to medical conditions or         treatment.
6. Orthodontic dental treatment.

Topical dental fluoride works by penetrating into the outer surface of the tooth (enamel) and making it harder. GC Tooth Mousse is also a safe everyday application option for children under the age of six and patients that require additional dental fluoride exposure as the main ingredient is calcium and phosphate taken from cow's milk.

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