Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Why your tooth may need to be extracted? 

Severe gum disease (periodontal disease). This is caused by bacteria building up on your teeth and damaging the bone that holds them in place. The teeth become loose and will need to be removed professionally. 

Tooth decay: If a tooth is very decayed, its nerves and blood vessels can die, leading to a painful abscess. 

A broken tooth: If it can't be repaired it will need to be removed 

Crowded Teeth: If you have a small jaw or lost your milk (baby) teeth early, your teeth may be crooked and you may need to have one or more removed so the rest can be straightened 

Wisdom Tooth Problems: If there isn't enough space in your mouth for your wisdom teeth they may become impacted (stuck behind the tooth in front) and need to be removed

What are the alternatives?

Sometimes alternative treatments are available.

Painkillers or antibiotics may ease any pain and swelling, but these will just relieve your symptoms in the short term and won't get rid of the underlying problem. 

If you have crooked teeth, it's sometimes possible to have them corrected without extractions.

How can you prepare yourself for a tooth extraction?

We need to ask about your dental and medical history.

It's important that you tell us about any medical conditions, allergies or recent operations.

You should also tell us if you use an inhaler or are taking any medicines, including the contraceptive pill or over-the-counter medicines such as aspirin.

We may give you a sedative – this relieves anxiety and causes temporary relaxation without putting you to sleep.

In certain situations, you may need to go to hospital and have the tooth removed under general anesthetic, which means you will be asleep and feel no pain while your tooth is being removed.

What do you need for recovering myself after tooth extraction?

It's important to keep your mouth as clean as possible so continue brushing your teeth as normal after the extraction but keep your toothbrush away from the healing wound for the first couple of days.

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