White Fillings

What is a Composite Resin (White Filling)?

Composite resins are a type of synthetic resin that is used as a restorative material in dentistry.

 It offers a better filling appearance than dental amalgam due to the different shades of white that can be used to match the natural color of teeth (compared to silver).

Also unlike amalgam, composite resins are bonded to the tooth which prevents the destruction of natural teeth and the cavity required is much smaller than an amalgam. The procedure involves preparation of the tooth or teeth cavity for composite resin restoration, placement of bond or glue, light cured and setting of the composite resin in layers.

What does Composite Resin Do?

Composite resin restores the tooth to its natural integrity and polished using different techniques.

Placing composite resin takes longer than amalgam fillings and is more expensive but the procedure can be completed in a single appointment and with or without local anesthetics, depending on individual circumstances.

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